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International Career, Leadership and Business Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker  
Durban, South Africa 

With her entrepreneurial flair, complete dedication and Mauritian passion, Virginie brings to life the unreached potential of her audience. She is highly committed to her coaches as they transition into effective, influential and empowering leaders.  Virginie is a qualified Stress Therapist, a Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner; she al so uses aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Quant um Physics, Thinking Patterns, Belief Systems, Visualizations and Energy Management in her work.  Al so co-founder of Disrupt HR -  Innovative Disruption.  

Languages  English, French

Overall work experience 
Virginie brings to her work 16 years of high level Recruitment experience, 22 years of Human Behavior studies and over 12 years of Coaching, Mentoring and Training. Using this blend of experience and knowledge, she positions herself as a Career, Leadership p and Business Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker, whilst living her life ’s purpose: “paying it forward –  Knowledge must be shared”.  As a head hunter and global recruiter, she worked in both national and global organizations, and f or 8 years ran her own recruitment agency.  During this time, she also coached graduates, mid-career recruits and executive candidates. She supported them in identifying companies in line with their visions and values, and taught them to market themselves and ensure agood culture fit with their prospective organizations.   Following her recruitment experience, she ventured into Leadership and Development at Unilever South Africa, where she gained invaluable insight on global learning standards, commercial operations, and cross functional / country management. 

She was given the opportunity to mentor and coach new employees and to engage with diverse audiences in a series of motivational talks and workshops aimed at all level s of the organization.  She also supported those transitioning into their new positions, those experiencing work/ life balance challenges, mothers returning to work, those undergoing performance management and employees seeking help on crafting their career map.  

Areas of Coaching Expertise
Virginie has always been intrigued by brain-based behavior and continues to explore the realms ofNeuroscience, Quantum Physics and Mind Power to understand why we do what we do. Through her research, she has designed exercises, tools, methodologies and coaching models, which has contributed to the success of her coach/training interventions.  Virginie has coached internationally of which the countries include; France, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, Turkey, India, Singapore, Dubai, Madagascar, Mauritius and of course South Africa.  She is able to conduct her coaching in both English and in French. She is also trained to conduct group and 1 on 1 as well as remote and face to face coaching. She has worked with individuals, university graduates, new managers, executive leaders and business owners.

Consultative Interventions
Due to her blend of experience, knowledge and skills, she is also able to offer consultative interventions, all of which are underpinned and designed around coaching methodologies. These services include; Talent Management, Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement Projects, Employee and Leadership Training and Development, Organizational Design, and Corporate Culture initiatives.

Innovative Disruption  
Co-found of Disrupt HR Durban chapter. A USA concept in 22 countries focusing on Innovative Disruption (embracing the explosive, 4 Industrial revolution). Involved in annual event s to drive innovative growth by powerfully nurturing a new way of thinking to help ourselves and others to create a different lens through which to see this era of exponential growth of a world immersed in cutting edge technology. It is a plat form of millennials and non-millennials made up of; thought leaders, corporate employees, c-suit executives and entrepreneurs, uniting to inform, empower and support each other to embrace massive and radical change.

Career Achievements
  • International coaching of senior managers and executives based in over 22 countries.
  • Nominated for “Hirsch’s Women of the Year’ award for the month of July 2016.
  • Winner of Living and Loving/ Standard Bank Mompreneur National Competition (Oct 2008).
  • Virginie interviewed live on ETV's Great Expectations TV show (2008).
  • “Service Excellence” award for participation in the a KZNonSource (Call Centre) awards banquet (2005)
  • Roaming reporter at the KZNonSource awards banquet - Interviewed dignitaries and VIPs (2005).
  • Development, implementation and training of successful programmes.
  • Personally met Nelson Mandela.


Our Mission

We want people to wake up every day and feel inspired by the impact they have through the work they do

Our Vision

Imagine a world where people are inspired to go to work, every day. Where they are made to feel valued,supported and safe to express their creativity, share innovative ideas and lead with impact. Inspiration comes when leaders have clear career direction, in line with their visions and values.Such direction ignites passion, fosters commitment, and results in teams of confident and engaged employees. Our vision is to help reduce costs and spike performance for an increased bottom line, whilst inspiring people to forge their own fulfilling careers. In so doing, we encourage leaders to “pay it forward”.

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